About Now Health International

Our promise to our customers is in our name: 'Now' is clear, innovative and accessible. This means clear, relevant information, easy-to-use online tools and fast service from people who respect your time. Our products are designed to be comprehensive and benefit-rich.  

Now Health International is a global business with its headquarters in Hong Kong and regional service centres in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta, Malta and the United Kingdom.

In July 2015, Now Health's investor acquired Best Doctors Insurance, a major medical insurance provider with distribution throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.  

The combination of the two businesses creates one of the largest independent IPMI providers in the world, with 12 sales/service offices, 125,000+ members, 370+ staff and 5,000+ distribution partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Now Health we don’t just care for our clients, we also care for the environment. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the volume of printed paper we generate. We leverage our digital capabilities to encourage our members to ‘Go Green’ and access their plan materials online rather than on paper. 

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